Alex Yamashita, Rolf Hoefer, Mark Streeter

Angelina Kwan

A full time crypto investor since 2015, Alex previously co-founded TLDR, a crypto investment and advisory firm. At Cultur3, Alex focuses on deal sourcing, analysis, and strategic development of portfolio teams – from their early stage needs to exit. He is a member of Metacartel Venture DAO, an invite-only investment collective of crypto founders, investors, and builders. Alex is also the CEO/CIO of Blue Safari Acquisition Corp (BSGAU) a fintech & blockchain focused SPAC that listed on Nasdaq in June 2021. Prior to crypto, Alex was a founder of several hospitality businesses, and an executive at CLSA and Goldman Sachs, in equities and FICC structured products. He holds a BA from Yale University and lives/works remotely between Asia, Europe, and the US.

Rolf previously co-founded two venture backed startups in crypto. As CTO of Keyless, Rolf built authentication products for DApps, and as CEO at Savvy, Rolf built investment automation tools for tokenized securities. His PhD dissertation discussed valuing cryptoassets. Rolf is also a member of Metacartel Ventures. Within Cultur3, Rolf specializes on the intersection of financial and consumer use-cases for crypto assets, and works closely with founders on all aspects of developing their business, from go-to-market strategy to tokenomic design. As the co-founder of the world’s first NFT art agency, Rolf also has an extensive network encompassing NFTs and social/community tokens. He is also authoring the world’s first book on NFTs to be published in Sept 2021. Rolf holds a PhD from INSEAD and also lives/works remotely between Asia, Europe, and the US.

Mark brings over a decade of experience in global capital markets at TradFi institutions, and 4 years of full time investing, consulting, and building in the crypto space as Founder of VBC, a frontier tech consultancy. At Cultur3, Mark focuses on thematic research, and strategic relationships between institutional finance and crypto. Mark also leads Cultur3’s strategic effort helping portfolio founders build their business development and partnership initiatives with corporates and institutions such as Jones Trading, where he is a venture partner and crypto lead. Mark is based in Los Angeles.

Current Group COO of the HashKey Group, and former Director & Head of Compliance & Regulatory at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Managing Director at the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission, Executive Director at Cantor Fitzgerald. Harvard LLM, Pepperdine MBA.